Artists interpretation of Vigilante Scarecrow

In the lower farmlands of Welter, a strange report of scarecrows has risen from local farmers and worried farmhands. The report states that scarecrows have been coming under the cover of night, onto private farmland and proceeding to protect the budding crops from unwanted avian visitors, but the scarecrows can never be seen after the cock has crowed.

James Planter, who owns a rose farm subject to these vigilante scarecrows, says the rise of this movement has created an effect where his roses can now soak up the sun without fear of attack from avian predators.

“Yea, them scarecrows have made my roses much happier, I often come out of a morning to see my roses happy to see the sunlight. They don’t seem to be making as much noise during the night since those scarecrows have shown up. It must be a good thing if my roses are so content, so I don’t mind the help those vigilantes are giving me as long as they don’t get in my way.” Said Mr James Planer.

The whole community did not respond as James has to the introduction of these vigilantes, many worried farmers think that so many of these scarecrows will ruin the community. Billy McFly, a fly farmer, believes the introduction of the vigilante scarecrows is attracting the wrong sort of people and attention. Asserting, they might lull the farming community into a false sense of security where they don’t need to beware of the nightly loss of crops.

“First them scarecrows come in and supposedly protect our crops from the night, but after all this what’s going to happen when all the scarecrows start moving into the town. How are you going to feel with scarecrows moving in next door to you? Standing around all day ruining the look of the neighbourhood. And my dog bullseye doesn’t like the smell of them, they make him nervous. If I catch a damn dirty scarecrow on my land, you can bet he’s gonna be scared of me with bullseye and my pitchfork, I don’t like them, and I’ll be damned if I let them run all over my land.” Says Mr Billy McFly.

All we can say for these strange phenomena of rogue vigilante Scarecrows is that they seem to have decreased the number of stolen crops by avian predators. However, the outcomes of this vigilante act are yet to be seen. But could these scarecrows be the saving grace for the citizens of Welter, or have the citizens only been given another horror to fear. Should we fear the scarecrows, or thank them for their efforts? These questions remain unanswered, and will perhaps remain so.

Until the scarecrows intentions are made clear or they are brought to justice, we urge that you do not approach these potentially dangerous scarecrows, there have been no reports of aggression, however, err on the side of caution. If there is any further information, or you know the identity of these scarecrows, please get in contact with us.

Posted by:payapenny

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