Double, Double toil and trouble. Today marked a monumental day in a new movement of animal-related Shakespeare performances. Macbeth one of the most cursed and feared performances in any amateur actors prospective roles, was performed tonight at the illustrious Scratching Post Center. The puppy troupe completed the performance to a sold out crowd of humans as well as a sizable crowd of animal play aficionados.

Play critics have particularly nodded their heads to the performance of Princess, a Havanese, who captures the role of a wife, capable of manipulating an extremely ambitious individual. The role of Lady Macbeth has the difficulty of capturing a character that is deeply devoted to a husband that is unable to act and often must be ruled by his wife. This task is especially difficult for the small Havanese. The nod of film and stage critics is of particular merit to Princess, who performed the role with grace and poise, also with a certain bite before unseen for the role.

The competitor Performing Kitty School was not pleased with the news that the puppy troupe had such success. Many actors within the kitty school were seen after the puppy performance to be sitting on nearby walls, glaring down upon the puppy performers who were too scared to walk past the kitty school members. There are also reports that the members of the kitty school have been seen hissing at their audiences during the performance, as well as prowling the streets at night taking food from many different people, however, these reports have not as yet been verified as true.

What is true, is that the performance of Macbeth has been a hit with many sold-out performances. There have been rumours of a follow-up Shakespeare performance to come from the puppy troupe. A Midsummers Nights Dream is spoken about quite a lot backstage and to take the role of Titania is thought to be Mongo the dancing bear, with Charlie the goat to take the role of Puck, let’s hope their shadows do not offend.

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