Today a woman ordered ice cream from her local Mr Whippy, it was mint chocolate flavoured on a warm 25-degree day. Witnesses report the woman was tucking into her lunchtime treat with much gusto. Upon catching up with the woman she has reported:

“The ice cream was very nice, just the thing I needed after the week of my Mothers funeral. Which was made increasingly more difficult after discovering my husband’s adultery for the fifth time. Yes, I know Roger! Anyway, I really enjoyed the combination of chocolate and mint in this ice cream as its pretty much the only thing I can eat as my battle with throat cancer continues. I think I will treat myself to another one today after my boss fires me for being late to work because I needed to visit my son in the hospital who recently had a heroin overdose. Thank you to Mr Whippy for giving me such a fun dessert.”

The ice cream dealer has done well as the woman seems to have really enjoyed her ice cream, she says she may try rum and raisin next time.

Posted by:payapenny

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