Pay A Penny began with a text message…. *Great Scott* (my humorous message tone) “Let’s make a fake newspaper.” I laughed at the message on the phone screen and immediately began that process of joking about the possibilities of such an enterprise. Without perhaps knowing of the seed that we were planting in the back of the minds, our mundane jobs saw us dreaming of headlines… “Woman enjoys ice cream” “famed scientist reports nothing of consequence”… Many months later of joking and perhaps dreaming at this point, and the reply was ready to be sent. “Let’s do it.”

A reenactment of the moment above

And so began the process. Planning, dreaming, inventing and preening. Until we finally did it, the one thing we were working towards the whole time, making a fake newspaper. It failed! We realised the world we live in doesn’t need more news that is fake, we needed to make people laugh as we did the whole time of making our concept. And so we made this blog, the blog of curiosities. Pay A Penny. Our toilet humour even converted into the name of our website.

So we invite you to stay and see if we are actually funny, or if there is even that slight amusement we can give to you in the vast vacuum of boredom that encompasses us and the many around. With that note. READ OUR  BLOG AND HAVE A LAUGH!

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