Okay okay, I know this will be a touchy subject with quite a few of you. But the truth of the matter is, that trees are just downright evil. That’s right, trees are evil. All those big, green companies that are saving the trees, don’t actually know what they are defending. They are defending the deep-rooted, long branched, sharp leaved, villains of Earth. You see, amongst the trees numerous crimes, their greatest crime is to steal our oxygen.

“But…” you cry “They produce oxygen through photosynthesis.” This might be true, but do you truly know they give all the oxygen back? To also support the claims of evil trees, there are many accounts of people falling out of trees, branches falling and crushing cars, trees falling over to cut out powerlines. All of these acts are pre-meditated and designed so as to prolong human suffering.

Return the attack

I know many of you will believe these are simply acts of nature and are inescapable. But you would be foolish to never suspect the dastardly trees, they are conniving, intelligent and organised. God armed us with the ability to create axes for a reason, and that reason is to defeat the evil reign of the tree.

Written by Amazon Rainforest Logging LTD

Posted by:payapenny

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