With the latest release from Netflix being greedily awaited by those who have exhausted the inexhaustible amount of shows on Netflix. As always there are a few things you need to know about the history of “The Umbrella Academy.”

A modern classic umbrella

Over 4000 years ago saw the origins of this story. It takes place in several places, China, Egypt, Greece and other ancient civilisations. It first began not to protect from the element of water but to protect from the sun, known to us as a parasol. It wasn’t until the ever inventive and resourceful people of China sought to turn it into what would evolve over the centuries to what we know as the umbrella.

The latest Netflix show seeks to take you on a journey through the ages, taking you to an academy where you can learn about the history of the umbrella. Figures such as Hans Haupt arise within the story to develop the fold-able umbrella many of us use today, watch her receive the patent in 1929. Journey through the British Steel mill as they convert what once was whale bone to the metal rods we similarly use in our umbrellas today.

Recognise the history of the ever important umbrella, and be prepared for Netflix latest show: “The Umbrella Academy.” Just as you have now, you will dive into the diverse and intriguing invention of the umbrella, delving into its sordid and compelling history. Missing the latest Netflix show is something you don’t want to happen. Forget all those egotistical superheroes depicted on Netflix, and watch the wonder of the humble umbrella unfold… literally.

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