Christmas time is now a couple of months behind us, the turkey has been eaten, Santa has been put away and our food hangovers have abated. But something still remains of Christmas, not many can recognise what was thought to be gone, has entered our lives once more. I’m talking about the re-surface of disco.

Since so many anxious parents awaited their pretentious brats reaction to the overpriced gift they got the child for Christmas. They were not able to witness the creeping of disco into their lives. It all began with the utterance of one phrase, from wife to husband.

“You’re late again, you Jive Turkey. Haha, remember calling people Jive Turkey? I think I should start saying it again.”

Image of man immediately after hearing the words: ‘jive turkey’.

With that simple utterance of those cursed words, what was set in motion could not be stopped. Soon Christmas was taken over with flared jeans, white suits, jumpsuits, Santa himself could be seen in large red platform shoes. Disco had struck Christmas like a fever. They called it… Disco Sickness.

The Disco Sickness has not yet abated, there is only one cure for Disco Sickness, but why would we want to get rid of the funk when we only just got it? As they say:
“You can’t stop the music, nobody can stop the music.” So I leave you now to put on my roller skates, groom my sideburns and shake my booty. Spin me right round baby, cus I’ve got some Friday night fever and that’s the way I like it!!

Posted by:payapenny

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