Prefacing this post I feel it’s important to establish the origins of this short story. This is a writing challenge my students and I engage in so as to improve their creative writing skills for different exams, primarily the selective high school exam in Australia. We have 8 minutes to write a creative story based on whatever stimulus we make up on the day, naturally they get rather silly. Because we haven’t written anything good this week, I thought it would be nice to post this up. The syllabus for this week was: Unicorn Assassin in Australian outback, Enjoy!

Glitterhoof stood staring at the wooden shack. The red dirt blowing into her long eyelashes as she shook trying to maintain her pristine white coat. Too many times had Glitterhoof’s pure white coat been tarnished with the blood of her victims. Silver stars had been carved into the side of her haunch, one showing for each successful job, a star for every dead fairytale.

Today she would add another star. She would complete the constellation needed to induct her to the greatest Unicorn Assassin Association: Pure Horn.

The small unicorn with silver mane and pure white coat whinnied softly to herself. “How should I do this? Come out Lenny!” She called out to the shack. “I have you caught, there’s no getting out of this. You don’t have enough lucky charms in the world to pay me off”

“Oh to be sure.” A high pitched voice answered from the dilapidated shack. “I could send you off chasing rainbows again, you’ll never get me pot of gold! You’re no better than a common nag Glitterhoof.”

The unicorn reared. “I’m coming for you, you damn dirty Leprechaun. You’ve crossed my Pure Horn for the last time.” With the nicker still ringing in the air, the Unicorn aimed her glowing horn to the door of the cabin. A ray of pure rainbow arched, obliterating the door.

“You’ll never get my lucky charms.” Yelled a small green figure as it hurtled out of the smashed door. The leprechaun began throwing gold pieces as the startled Glitterhoof and the unicorn was knocked to the ground.

The leprechaun charged at the downed creature, diving onto the unicorns flanks. Flailing arms and sharp hooves fly through the air. White light engulfs the two fairytale creatures. The light fades. Impaled upon Glitterhoof’s with blood streaming down to the pure white coat of the unicorn was Lenny, ex-leprechaun.

“I guess today was not your lucky day.”

The Unicorn turns to the open outback of Australia, with her prizes life ebbing down into the dirt she begins the journey home.

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